Campaign Cloning FAQ

Why should a campaign be cloned?

  • Campaign cloning is designed to give users a head start on creating campaigns. Duplicate your successful campaigns, easily create test campaigns for different creatives or Fire & Forget® features from one main campaign, or clone and try other networks or sites.

Can a campaign be cloned from one network to a different network?

  • A campaign can be cloned to either the same network or to a different network. You can also select multiple networks when cloning. When cloning a campaign to a different network, certain aspects must be adjusted to meet that particular network’s requirements. Click here to learn more about network requirements during the campaign creation process.

Can a campaign be cloned with new images added?

  • When cloning a campaign, new images can be added to the campaign. New images will be uploaded during the Ads step of the cloning process. The new images added will be displayed above the ads shown in the 'Copied Ads' section. Note that if you are cloning to Gemini you can also add Carousel Ads on the fifth step, Gemini Settings.

I am trying to clone a campaign that I created but there are images from that campaign that are not displaying in the “Copied Ads” section. What does this mean?

  • When cloning a campaign, Maximus will initially display up to 15 ads in the 'Copied Ads' section. The ads shown are prioritized based on active status. Additional ads from the original campaign can be selected to clone by using the dropdown under Images to Copy. Once selected, the additional ads will also display in the 'Copied Ads' section.

What is the best point to clone a successful campaign?

  • Every campaign has different goals for success, so recommending a good point to clone a successful campaign varies on a case by case basis. Speak to your Client Success manager for advice on where and when to try and clone your campaign.

What should I look out for when cloning campaigns?

  • The success or performance of a campaign can change drastically when you use different or additional creatives, different sites, bids, day parting, and more. Watch campaigns cloned to other networks as they may perform more poorly as well. Check out our Network Guides documentation by clicking here to learn more about networks you have not tried yet. Some networks may allow for more targeting than the original network which can be beneficial to your cloned campaigns.

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