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What ads are working for your campaign, and how can you find out why they work to try and replicate their success? Our Top Performing Images feature breaks down your three best ads' image and text to help you better understand what you can do to harness that performance even more.

The Campaign Details side menu contains the Show Top Performing Images feature on the right side of the screen - clicking this opens the drawer that will show the top 3 performing images based on EPC from All Time.

Images shown here must have an EPC greater than $0.30 over the past 30 days. Ads will begin to appear here as long as the campaign has been active for 14 days and if images are over $0.30 EPC. This report is updated every day at midnight.

Let's take a look at what an ad looks like in the Top Performing Images section:

The image is displayed, and underneath it there are 5 (or 6) separate sections.

  • Title - The ad title you entered when creating the ad.
  • Description - Gemini ads also will display the ad text from the description.
  • Image Label - IBM's Watson performs image analysis on the ad and will display the image labels it has found. These are displayed in percentages, showing the most prominent recognizable elements from the image with higher percentages.
  • EPC - The total image EPC for All Time.
  • Title Emotion - IBM's Watson analyzes the text for the ad and displays the emotions the text can cause, also in percentages.
  • Title Keywords - Watson's keyword analysis is displayed here, showing those words or phrases that are the biggest part of the text the more prominent the keyword, the higher the percentage.

How Do I Use This Information?

A lot of creating ads is an intuitive process, where you choose what to upload based on your own experience. This can be a skill on its own, learning how to shape the image and text of an ad to get the best interest from a potential customer.

If you're testing out things for the first time, our Ad Generation tool can help you add combinations of image and text to both speed up campaign creation or adding content to a campaign. It may even help you create some possibilities you might not have tried otherwise! Once you've got traffic for your images you can use the analysis of top performing images to dig into the elements of the ad to help replicate that success on new creatives.

Using the power of Watson, Top Performing Images breaks down the subjective part of designing angles into keywords, emotion, and image labels for an analytical view of the image.

Image Labels

If you have an image that is really working, and the image labels with high percentages contain "Human" as an example, it could be that people respond much better to seeing a person in the ad than just the object. From the image below, it looks like someone is applying something to a license plate - if it was just a license plate, the image probably wouldn't be as successful!


You may also want to edit an image to remove some background noise, allowing the eye to focus more on that higher percentage image label.

When you're adding new creatives to test out on this campaign, focus on the items of the higher EPC images to continue that trend and see if they are what your audience is looking for. If you've tested out numerous images with people of different ages, but the image label percentage is high on an elderly person, try using older people in your ads to help connect with your audience!

Title Keywords

When looking at title keywords, most people respond to these easily read elements. In the same example, it looks like "New Program Puts" was a big part of the title.

Trying out other ad text variations focusing on a "New Program" will probably lead to some good results. Don't be afraid to mix it up either! While this specific image with the text "New Program" does well, it could work great with other images too.

Title Emotions

The emotions evoked from the title can also sway people to go one way or the other when looking at an ad.

The goal of ad analysis is to help add an extra layer of information to your creative design process. The more you can use when adding new ads, the better chances on getting higher click throughs and conversions.

If you're looking for any advice, our Client Success team is here to help! Finding the best creatives can sometimes be a challenge, but our experience with creatives and working angles can help you get that CTR and CVR to where you want it to be.

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