What is Gemini?

Gemini (now known as Verizon Media Native, formerly known as Yahoo Gemini) is a native advertising marketplace. It allows you to create premium branded content and deliver search and native advertising campaigns.

Why use Gemini?

Gemini boasts 2 billion daily ad impressions, 1 billion active monthly users, and 165 billion daily search intent signals.

One of Gemini’s most valuable features is its targeting capability. The platform’s demographic targeting is one of its key advantages and allows buyers to target by age, gender, location, and interest. Yahoo’s vast database of first-party user data allows users to easily pinpoint unique audiences

This marketplace is where you syndicate content on Yahoo and AOL properties such as Yahoo Search powered by Bing, TechCrunch, AOL, Tumblr, and HuffPost.Gemini encompasses desktop and mobile Yahoo and AOL properties, search, and apps like Yahoo Sports or other third-party apps partnered with Oath.

What is Different in Gemini?

Gemini has numerous options for targeting that make it very appealing to native ad buying. Easier targeting for age ranges and gender help to better target your audiences. Gemini also works with platforms differently than other networks. You bid based on publisher groups, which target certain devices and properties based on the group type. Generally A groups are desktop while B groups are mobile. These publisher group adjustments are modified on the final step of campaign creation. Click here for more information about the bid adjustment groups.

You can not remove bidding on publisher groups, only bid the lowest possible amount for that group.

Gemini also includes Carousel and Video ads which allow for additional types of ads to reach your audience.

Gemini works a little differently with Fire & Forget than other networks. Please read our guide here to learn more about using Fire & Forget with Gemini.

MSN traffic may bid at the same CPC of other premium Gemini placements like Yahoo Homepage, AOL, and other placements if MSN does not have a bid modifier applied. This is due to how Gemini provides traffic and their agreement with MSN.

Although Gemini displays sites differently than the domains they appear under, you can block domains inside of Gemini when editing the campaign settings. Please note that there is a limit of 500 domains you can block, and that at a certain percentage of traffic Gemini requires you to increase the base bid of your campaign to $0.10 minimum, causing all bidding to be at the minimum doubled from the usual $0.05.

Getting Started

Integrate your Gemini account with Maximus. To integrate your account, follow the prompts in this link.

To start a campaign, follow the Add a Campaign documentation.

Add a Campaign Notes

During campaign creation there are Gemini specific options and settings available in Maximus.

Sub Accounts

You can select sub accounts during campaign creation, to separate campaigns under these sub accounts for different clients or users. After campaign creation the campaign will be listed under that sub account on the network.

Gemini Language

Gemini requires all ad text to be in the same language as the selected language. You can select which language you want your campaign to use when creating a campaign. Click here to view the available languages.

Any ads in a language different than selected language will be rejected by Gemini

Cropping Images, Display URL, and Call to Action text

To learn more about these features click here for the Creating Ads documentation.

During the Content step of campaign creation, you must enter a display URL. This display URL should be user friendly and easy to read.

All images to add to a Gemini campaign must be 1200x627 pixels in sizeIn addition to the 1200x627 rectangular image, Gemini also uses a  627x627px square image. This is because different images are shown when viewing the ad on mobile, tablet, and desktop platforms. After adding an image in Maximus your rectangular image must be cropped to the 627x627  square image. Upon submission of the ad, both versions of the image are sent to Gemini.

Call to Action text is optional, and is text that will be displayed on a call to action button.

You cannot use animated gifs due to Gemini's API restrictions.

Gemini Carousel Ads allow for more than one image to appear in the ad - so you can emphasize or advertise different text and images in the same spot.In this example the carousel ads have different messages, grabbing the user's attention and can lead to driving more clicks.

Gemini has a policy about the text for Carousel Ads where the text cannot be similar.
Ad Policy has begun rejecting ads where the same title is used across cards AND/OR if there are minimal differences between cards (i.e. punctuation, one word is the only change, or changed order). Titles are considered too similar when:

The titles are the same except for one or two words....example:
Biggest animals on the planet
Biggest animals on Earth
Largest animals on Earth

The titles contain the same words in different order....example:
Best restaurant in the world
The world’s best restaurant

The titles are the same except for punctuation....example:
2019 Canceled: Say Goodbye To Your Favorite Shows
2019 Canceled: Say Goodbye To Your Favorite Shows.
2019 Canceled: Say Goodbye To Your Favorite Shows!

Our How To guide for carousel ads can be found by clicking here.

Video Ads

Gemini Video ads are designed to not interrupt the user when browsing. Videos autoplay whenever possible and default to being on mute. Generally, users click a video to expand the view and turn on the sound. Click here to read Verizon Media's official page on video ads.

Our How To guide for video ads can be found by clicking here.

Gemini Targeting Settings

There is a final step added to campaign setup which allows you to select Age TargetingGender Targeting, and Gemini Bid Adjustments. Fire & Forget® Optimization can select one of the publisher groups to apply Fire & Forget optimizations to.  To learn more about these targeting settings click here.

Reporting Notes

There are also Gemini specific reports available in Maximus on the Campaign Details page of Gemini campaigns.

These reports is based on raw data provided by Gemini. It is delayed reporting and will not include any estimates from Maximus.
Bid Modifier Report

The Gemini Bid Modifier report displays the Gemini Groups which have Impressions, and the ClicksAverage CPCCTR, and Spend for those groups. Click here for more information on the Gemini Bid Modifier report.

By Age Report

The Gemini By Age report displays the ClicksSpendImpressions, and CTR for the targeted age groups. Click here for more information on the Gemini By Age report.

By Gender Report

The Gemini By Gender report displays the ClicksSpendImpressions, and CTR for the targeted gender(s). Click here for more information on the Gemini By Gender report.

By Location Report

The Gemini By Location report displays the ClicksSpendImpressions, and CTR by Geo location for the targeting country. Click here for more information on the Gemini By Location report.

Gemini Domains Report

The Gemini Domains report displays the domains for Gemini traffic, as well as the clicks, Avg CPC, Spent, Impressions, Revenue, Conversions, and CTR. You can also block domains on this report by clicking on the arrow to expand the domain to reveal a block button. Clicking on this button will block a domain and it will display with a red line through it. You can unblock domains by clicking the unblock button that replaces the block button - please note that you cannot block Verizon Media owned domains.

Click here to learn more about this report.

Additional Notes

Minimum Campaign CPC

Gemini requires a minimum campaign CPC bid of $0.05

Gemini Audiences

Maximus allows users to add and view Gemini Email Audiences, targeting segments that use a CSV list of email addresses to target specific users. The audiences for these targeting segments are based on the email addresses you provide and are available for specific sub accounts you choose to add them to. Your campaigns will only be seen by those users who have logged in under that email address when viewing ads. Click here to learn more about Gemini Audiences.

Site Bidding

When setting site bids for Gemini, site bids must be maintained within the range of -80% (Min) up to 800% (Max) of the campaign CPC value. Click here to learn more about Gemini Site Bidding.

If you see NA populated on the Gemini Sites Report and this contains spend, clicks, or revenue, this can be due to how Gemini sends data with traffic and may be reconciled at a later point. Please let our support team know via chat, ticket, or email ( so we can investigate this issue when it occurs.

Networking Targeting on the Platform

Gemini offers additional targeting which can be done outside of Maximus. If a setting can be changed in Maximus, do not change it on the network. In Gemini you can do Custom Audience Targeting, Location Targeting, and Interest Targeting. Click here to view our network targeting outside of Maximus documentation.

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