Taboola Traffic Allocation

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Taboola has an algorithm to optimize ad buying for CTR context. In Taboola, selecting Optimized will use their algorithm to drive traffic. Selecting Even spreads ad traffic evenly across images. Click here to read Taboola's official support page on these optimizations.

Traffic Allocation in Maximus

During the Add Campaign process you can select which Traffic Allocation you want to use on the Ads step of the process.

You can also edit the Traffic Allocation on the Campaign Details page for Taboola campaigns.

Both of these can be done without having to log in and edit the Traffic Allocation for every Taboola campaign you're trying to manage!

Why Change it to Even?

Taboola automatically sets the option to Optimized under the impression that it will perform better for you. This may be true in some cases, but may not be best for your own goals for the campaign's performance. Even allocation allows for all images to receive equal amounts of traffic, letting you decide what images to pause and what images are performing well. Taboola says on its own site that Optimized traffic allocation "can result in one or two highly “clickable” creatives receiving the lion’s share of impressions (even if those combinations don’t deliver the best post-click performance).”

We recommend to always change the Traffic Allocation to Even to gather the best data to maximize your potential with Taboola for new campaigns.

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