Maximus' Fire & Forget® Video Webinar

Slides can be found below the webinar, in both Keynote and PDF format. Click here to read the changes that were made to Fire & Forget.

Fire & Forget has also added a new CPA Goal Optimization Mode, and the ability to select which Optimization Modes you would like to use.

Click here to read more about Optimization Modes, and click here to read about our new CPA Goal Mode.

There are slides from this webinar you can download and review at your own pace. Click here to download the PDF slides, click here to download the PowerPoint slides, and click here to download the slideshow in Keynote format.

The Fire & Forget documentation will have more information and resources available. Follow the links in the side menu to learn more about what optimizing, day parting, and more you can utilize in Maximus. Click here to read about the Flowchart which shows the steps of Fire & Forget goal margin optimizations.

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