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What is Ad Stop CTR?

Ad Stop CTR is found under Fire & Forget™ settings in both the Add Campaign process and Campaign Details Fire & Forget™ Settings drawer, under the Ads section. Only Maximus Pro Plan accounts have this feature - check out the differences between plans and find which one works for you best by clicking here.

This feature is designed to pause images that aren't getting a good click-through rate (CTR) so your campaign is only spending on the images and text you find profitable and successful.

How Does Ad Stop CTR Work?

Enter a percentage that you feel is a good threshold for ad CTR performance, and click the toggle to enable this feature.

Any images that are performing below the CTR will be paused. If more data comes in from the network and the image goes back above the CTR threshold, Fire & Forget will unpause the image. CTR % data comes directly from the network and uses the percentages they provide for clickthrough-rate.

In order for an image to be paused, it must meet the campaign level Sample Size over the Look Back Days set. If you have a 24 hour lookback period selected Fire & Forget uses the CTR from Today only as the network does not have impression data at this level.

Please note:

If you unpause an image that is below the CTR %, Fire & Forget will pause the image again.

If an image is above the CTR % and you pause it, Fire & Forget will unpause the image.

Common Uses

Ad Stop CTR will let your campaign automatically reduce the number of ads, which will increase the overall performance of the campaign. Ads which have a low CTR are not optimal to continue running, as you are spending without getting clicks and thus conversions from those low CTR ads. With Stop CTR enabled you can let the campaigns optimize even further without your intervention.

Using many ads (image/text combinations) and testing them out against each other is a common practice in running new offers or campaigns. This feature can help on newer campaigns when you're using the Ad Generation tool to test out many variations of the same ideas!

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