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There are two places in Maximus where you can manually edit the campaign level CPC and the daily budget - the Campaign Details page and the Manage Campaigns page.

With Fire & Forget®, CPC and budget can be changed through optimizations like Budget Reset and Advanced Day Parting for the daily budget, and Desired Click Pacing, Acceptable Profit, Site Acceptable Profit, CPA Goals, Slow Amount, and Day Parting. This means that you may make changes manually and you could find that Fire & Forget has changed the values to a different amount. A common example of this is Slow Amount - if you change the CPC to a different value, the next time Fire & Forget runs it will adjust the CPC back to the Lowest Bid.

RevContent has phased out usage of their Sites (Topics and Brands) in favor of focusing on Widget level campaign management. Maximus and Fire & Forget report and optimize on the widget level for campaigns.

This means that Campaign Level CPC updates do not affect widget bidding if the widget has already received impressions on the network.

To update widgets to a new CPC, we recommend setting a 15 minute day parting CPC window for the CPC you'd like to change bids to in order to update all bids for widgets on a campaign.

Campaign Details

In the At-a-Glance Report (the report on the top of the page) you can click on the budget and CPC values to manually edit them.

Editing the Campaign CPC

You can manually change the campaign level CPC bid by clicking on the bid, entering a new value, and then clicking Submit. A pop up value will prompt you to confirm changing the CPC bid. After confirming, you'll see the new CPC value here.

Editing the Daily Budget

You can manually edit the daily budget here as well - click on the budget and change the value and click on Submit. A pop up window will ask you to confirm the budget change, and after confirming you'll see the new value here.

Manage Campaigns

In the campaigns report on the Manage Campaigns page you can click on the budget and CPC values to manually edit them.

Editing the Campaign CPC

In the CPC column for the campaign, click on the value to open the editor. After you make changes, click submit and then confirm via the pop up window that you want to make changes to the campaign CPC.

Editing the Daily Budget

On the Manage Campaigns page, click on the value in the Budget column. After editing and clicking submit, a pop up window will ask you to confirm the new budget.

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