Create a Campaign Per Platform Selected


Users now have the option to create individual campaigns if they select multiple platforms during campaign creation - skip all the cloning and time creating different platform versions of the same setup.

Creating a single campaign that bids on mobile and desktop traffic is definitely something we recommend avoiding - in fact, we have it as one of our key items in our Native Success Dos and Don'ts guide! When you bid on two different types of traffic, you're not letting your bids optimize as well as you can across different sites, leading to overspending. We usually recommended cloning a campaign and changing the targeting to make two separate campaigns - but now you don't have to.

Click here to read our blog and download the Dos and Don'ts of Native!

Using this feature will create the individual campaigns targeting a single platform, rather than one campaign targeting multiple platforms. This gives you more control over your bidding based on the selected platforms, and also removes the hassle of cloning a campaign and changing the targeting.

How To Create a Campaign Per Platform Selected

The option to create a campaign per platform selected displays as a checkbox when adding a new campaign when multiple platforms are selected for platform targeting. Click here to learn more about adding a campaign.

Selecting the option will not change how adding a campaign works - keep adding everything as you normally would. When you finish creating the campaign, you'll see two (or three) campaigns created depending on the platforms you select. Keep your traffic separated and take advantage of all the power of Fire & Forget® specific to that platform!

On the pop up that shows the campaigns created, if one or more of the platforms were not created correctly, the add campaign process is updated to target only those platforms which failed. You can click Submit again on the Review step to try and create those platform campaigns which failed.

If you continue to see a failure, please let our Support team know so we can help get these campaigns up and running for you!

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