Intro to Maximus

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What is Maximus?

Maximus is a platform that lets you manage campaigns across 5 different networks - Taboola, Outbrain, Gemini, RevContent, and

With Maximus you can:

  • Manage multiple networks in one single location
  • Track your clicks, spend, and revenue in real time
  • Optimize your campaigns with one of our 3 different Optimization Modes
  • Scale your campaigns by automatically increasing budget
  • Clone campaigns
  • Use comprehensive Charts and Reports to evaluate your campaigns
  • Make adjustments and monitor campaigns with our mobile iOS companion app

Video Walkthroughs

Maximus has features on different pages that you can use to fully maximize your experience. These videos quickly go through each section to help you get started using Maximus. Follow the links to the respective docs to read more in depth about these pages and the features on them.

You can learn more about Filtering in Maximus here, and in depth explanations of how to use Reporting and Charts here.

The Dashboard

The Dashboard is where you'll find yourself when you start using Maximus.

Click here to check out more about the Dashboard.

Manage Campaigns

Manage Campaigns is where you'll usually go to manage your different campaigns in Maximus.

Click here to read more about the Manage Campaigns page.

Campaign Details

The Campaign Details page is how you view individual campaigns in Maximus.

Click here to view the Manage Campaigns page in more detail.

We've also added the Image/Site/Landing Report to the Campaign Details page.

Fire & Forget®

Fire & Forget is our patent-pending tool that lets you spend less time managing your campaigns, optimizing bids, and controlling spending. Using Fire & Forget lets you focus on maximizing your revenue and getting the most out of your campaigns.

To start learning more, read our Intro to Fire & Forget documentation by clicking here.

Dos and Don'ts

Using a new platform means learning how it can work best for you. We've assembled some simple Dos and Don'ts for new Maximus users in order to help you jump start your new native campaign management experience! With these tips you can avoid some of the common mistakes inexperienced buyers new to native make and take advantage of how Maximus works to give you a head start into scaling and creating campaigns the right way.

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