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What is Site Acceptable Profit?

Maximus will adjust the site CPC to maintain the margin defined as Acceptable Profit. Once the site has reached the Sample Size for a site, the Site Acceptable Profit optimization for that site will determine the Earnings Per Click (EPC) of the site and adjust the site CPC.

How Does Site Acceptable Profit Work?

When using the EPC value to adjust bids, Maximus will attempt to stay within the Lowest Bid and Highest Bid set for sites as well as within network limitations. Most networks only allow modifying the site CPC based on percentages from the campaign CPC. Maximus will adjust the site level as close as possible.

Site bids for Outbrain may appear temporarily at a CPC value outside the lowest and highest bid due to site bids and campaign CPC updates happening separately. The campaign CPC update will follow within one minute and site bids will correct themselves to back inside the appropriate high/low bid amounts.

Site Acceptable Profit works with the same process as Acceptable Profit. Click here to learn more about Acceptable Profit.

Maximus uses the data during the look back days period if the sample size has been met to calculate Acceptable Profit.
This means that as long as Sample Size is met, data from
ALL Look Back Days is used, not just the specific time period where the Sample Size clicks ocurred.

Gemini's MSN placements will not bid correctly with Site Acceptable Profit when using the 24 hour Look Back Days period due to changes to how Gemini passes site level information. Until a permanent solution is in place we recommend using a different Look Back Days period or bidding manually if you choose to use the 24 hour period.

How To

Set Site Acceptable Profit
  1. Click the Sites tab:
  2. Set the Sample Size:
  3. Set the Acceptable Profit:
  4. Set the Lowest Bid and the Highest Bid (minimum and maximum CPC Maximus will set on a site):


Using campaign Acceptable Profit, you have noticed sites that underperform are bidding higher than they should be, so you enable Site Acceptable Profit.

Following the instructions above, you set the Site Acceptable Profit and monitor your campaign. With the Site Acceptable Profit enabled, your sites are now bidding separately based on their EPC values instead of previously using the overall campaign EPC, resulting in a much lower spend for those underperforming sites.

Common Uses

Use Site Acceptable Profit if you want to optimize spending on individual sites rather than campaign wide. This will allow those sites which perform well to reduce CPC while maintaining a good profit margin on sites which are getting a good Earnings Per Click value.

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