Starter vs. Pro Plan

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What’s the difference between Starter and Pro plans?

While both of these plans contain great features to help you optimize and scale your campaigns, there are a few notable differences between the features included with the Starter and Pro plans. Both plans were designed to accommodate multiple business models—here’s how they differ.

The Starter plan includes two optimization modes, limited Fire & Forget® optimization settings, and Day Parting settings that allow you to control when your campaigns run. Use None or CPA Goal optimization settings, which include CPA Goal, Lowest Bid, Highest Bid, Slow Amount, Stop Amount.

The Pro plan includes three optimization modes (None, CPA Goal, and Acceptable Profit), and the full spectrum of Fire & Forget optimization settings. These Fire & Forget settings include Budget Reset, Lowest Bid, Highest Bid, Slow Amount, Stop Amount, Sample Size, Look Back Days, Desired Click Pacing. Additionally, create site-specific settings to optimize on a campaign and a site level. You can also Restore CPC for Day Parting windows.

With the Pro plan, you may also add multiple users to your account and access a dedicated account manager and client success manager.

Pro Plan users can also use Advanced Tracking which allows you to track Landing Page visits, clicks, and LP CTR%.

Fire & Forget Starter and Pro Comparison

Starter Plan
Pro Plan
Optimization Modes None*, CPA Goal* None, CPA Goal,
Acceptable Profit
Budget Reset -
Lowest Bid
Highest Bid CPA Goal only
Slow Amount
Stop Amount
Sample Size -
Look Back Days -
Desired Click Pacing -
Protect Profit Slow
Protect Profit Stop
CPA Goal only None, CPA Goal,
Acceptable Profit
Day Parting
Restore CPC
White Label
Ad Stop CTR -
Link Testing -
Advanced Tracking -
Automatic Routing -

*Starter plans feature limited versions of the None and CPA Goal modes.

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