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What is Site Block EPC?

On Outbrain campaigns, Maximus can block a site if its EPC falls below this threshold and has met the Sample Size for sites requirement.

RevContent allows you to block by Widget in place of site. Click here to learn more about RevContent's Widget Block EPC.

How Does Site Block EPC Work?

Fire & Forget® Site Block EPC only works with Outbrain campaigns.

Set the Site Block EPC to $0 if you do not want to block sites with this feature. 

Site Block EPC can be set up during campaign creation or edited with the Fire & Forget settings on the Campaign Details page.

Other networks will be added as network support is available.

Site Block EPC only checks to see if the site has hit the block EPC amount, and if a site is blocked it will not exit the block through Fire & Forget - you must manually unblock a site. If conversions come in after a site is blocked it is your decision whether or not to unblock that particular site.

How To

Set the EPC threshold

Enter the desired value for the Site Block EPC


An Outbrain campaign has been running and receiving good traffic and you have a decent idea of what site performance should look like. In order to prevent spending on underperforming sites, you want to enable Site Block EPC.

  1. Open the Fire & Forget Settings drawer on the Campaign Details page side menu.
  2. Click on the Sites tab to display site level Fire & Forget settings.
  3. Update the Site Block EPC to a value you think is appropriate for this campaign's sites.

Keep in mind that if Site Block EPC begins to block sites, it will not reevaluate the EPC and unblock sites. If conversions come in after a block happens, a site may be performing much better than when the block went into effect.

Common Uses

Cut off sites which are underperforming so they will not waste any more of your budget with Site Blocking. Remove the manual process of evaluating sites which are below your standards and having to block them, letting you become more hands off with your campaign management.

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