Edit Country Targeting

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For Taboola, Outbrain, and Revcontent campaigns you can update the country targeting of your campaign inside of Maximus.

Updating the Country Targeting does not update the name of the campaign, so it will still have the campaign name including the original country targeting when the campaign was created.

How To

Click on the 'Edit Country Targeting' menu option to open a new pop up window.

This new pop up window will display the current country targeting. You can use the dropdown to change which countries are being targeted.

Please note that in order to remove the current country you will need to select that country in the dropdown so it is no longer highlighted.

Some campaigns created before Edit Country Targeting was added as a feature may display as a blank country. If the country is blank, this means that any updates to the country targeting will only include the countries displayed - you may need to reselect the country that did not display.

Click Update to submit your country targeting changes.

Common Uses

Updating the country targeting on a campaign can help if you want to add additional campaigns into what is currently being targeted - like if you're running a US targeted campaign but know you also now want to include Canada as well.

It may be more helpful in some cases to clone the existing campaign and target a new country or countries so that the historical data on the campaign is matching its current targeting. This depends on how you're optimizing your campaign, as well as the similarities of bidding between the countries you're targeting.

As an example - if you include the UK in a US targeted campaign, the typical bids for the UK may be higher or lower than the bids on US placements, and it may be more beneficial to create a separate UK campaign for this country's traffic.

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