Archive a Campaign

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What is Archiving?

On the Campaign Details page you can archive your campaigns to prevent them from showing up on your Active and Inactive filter. Click here to learn more about filtering.

You can use this to help clean up your campaigns you're viewing, and hide campaigns you're no longer interested in looking at - but you can still view these by selecting "Archived Campaigns" on the Active Status filter dropdown.

Clicking on the Archive toggle will pause the campaign, and will also turn off Fire & Forget.®

Taboola campaigns are unable to pause on the network if they are in a pending status. Maximus will archive the campaign, but if a campaign is approved by the content review team at Taboola and it is past its start date, the campaign will become active and begin receiving traffic. We recommend checking on campaign statuses of campaigns which have been paused while they were pending to prevent the campaign from spending.

How To Archive a Campaign

On the right hand side of Campaign Details you can click on the toggle to archive (or unarchive) a campaign. Clicking on this will change both the Active Status and Fire & Forget status of the campaign.

Note that clicking on the toggle to unarchive a campaign will not set the campaign active - you must select the Active status toggle to do this. When doing so you'll be asked if you want to enable Fire & Forget for the campaign when activating it.

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