Link Management FAQ

What is a landing page?

  • In Maximus terms, a landing page is a safe page where all bot and crawler traffic can be sent to. Some networks are unable to follow redirects and this is usually the direct landing page URL.

What is a weighted link?

  • In the simplest terms, weighted links are used for offer or presell pages at the top of the sales funnel. This should include any tracking platforms used -- all real traffic will go to these links.

How does rotation work on weighted link?

  • Weighted rotation factors in each weight as a proportion to the total. Links with a higher weight will be accessed more in comparison to links with a lower weight.If there are 3 links with the weights of 50, 25 and 25, the link with the with the weight of 50 will receive half of the traffic as the weight is half the total.

What happens if the total weight of all links is above 100?

  • The rotation of the links will be based on the proportion of the links' weight to the total. If there are three links for the campaign with a weighted of 75, 50 and 25, the link with the weight of 75 will receive half of the traffic as its proportion is half of the total (75/150).

What does a Maximus link look like?

How does Maximus know about the sites?

  • Maximus appends site macros for each of the networks that support passing site information. Every Maximus click is associated with a campaign, image, and site.

What pixel types are supported?

  • Maximus supports  iframe, image and postback (server-to-server) pixels. Click here to read more about Pixel Information.

What does the Maximus pixel link look like?


How do presell pages work with the pixel?

  • Maximus will pass a click id to a presell page. Every click includes 2 parameters that are usable to obtain the Maximus click ID: s5 and max_cid

Can I use a secure pixel?

  • Yes, Maximus supports both HTTP or HTTPS pixels. It is recommended to match the pixel with the thank you pages protocol.
  • If you’re using a prebuilt system that doesn’t have the ability to build in to pass through parameters, you can access those parameters using Javascript.

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