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Maximus allows users to create Story Sequencing Audiences (segments), retargeting segments similar to retargeting available in Outbrain. The audiences for these retargeting segments are based on users who have clicked on specific campaigns. When you choose the campaigns when creating a segment, up to 50 campaigns can be selected.

In order to utilize Outbrain segments for campaign retargeting, you must have the Outbrain pixel implemented. For more information on adding the Outbrain pixel, please click here.

Creating a New Audience

A new segment can be created by going to the settings tab and selecting 'Create Outbrain Segment' on the left hand side. Click here to learn more about the Settings page.

The following fields are required for creating a new segment:

  • Name: The name for your new segment.
  • Description: A short description of your new segment.
  • Type: Currently Maximus supports Clickers (Story Sequencing).
  • Duration: The number of days a user should be attributed to a segment.
  • Outbrain Sub Account: The Outbrain account that the segment will be added to.
  • Campaigns: Users who clicked on any of the selected campaigns will be added to this segment. You can select one or multiple campaigns.

Adding an Audience to a Campaign

Segments can be added to or removed from Outbrain campaigns by clicking the 'Manage Segments' link on the menu on the right side of the screen.

This will open a tab where you can add or remove segments.

Viewing and Editing Outbrain Segments

On the Settings page you can also view all current Outbrain Segments. The following columns are in this table:

  • Name: The name of the segment.
  • Description: Your own entered description of the segment.
  • Type: The type of segment. Currently Maximus only supports Clickers segments.
  • Segment: The number of records (users) in the segment.
  • Tracking Status: If the segment is tracking any users.
  • Duration: The duration field is a placeholder and will be used in future udpates.
  • Included Campaigns: The campaigns you are taking users from.
  • Date: The date that the retargeting segment was created
  • Edit: You can click the Edit Segment text here to open a pop up which lets you edit the Name and Description of the segment.

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