Gemini Objective

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Want to try a different style of campaign? Gemini lets you select an objective and your campaigns can target different users, display across different placements, and take advantage of audiences you may not yet be reaching.

Choosing an objective can change how the campaign runs, where ads will appear, and how you pay for traffic. Maximus currently offers two objectives: Visit Web and Mail Sponsored. Click here to learn more about Gemini Objectives from their official documentation.

Selecting a Gemini Objective

The Gemini Objective can only be selected during the Add Campaign process, and cannot be edited after a campaign has been created.

What do the Objectives do?

Visit Web

The Visit Web Objective runs as a typical native campaign. You pay (the CPC bid) only when someone clicks on the ad from where it is served, such as a site or app. For more information on Gemini campaigns in Maximus, check out our Network Guide for Gemini here.

Mail Sponsored

Mail Sponsored Objective lets you target Yahoo Mail users to drive traffic. This will only display ads inside Yahoo Mail. Mail Sponsored campaigns are created the same as a Visit Web campaign, using images for the creatives for the campaign.

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