Real Time Estimates and Reconciling

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Real Time Estimates

In order to use real time data, we utilize our own tracking system that knows exactly when the user clicks, how much the click costs, as well as key information like the device, location and the assets that they clicked. This allows for Maximus to optimize campaigns, images, and sites without waiting for updates from the networks.

In order to audit these numbers, Maximus contacts the networks for their actual numbers multiple times an hour. Maximus real time estimates have been extremely solid on active campaigns, and are usually within 10% when clicks are greater than 100 for the day. This means that instead of waiting two to three days to obtain image and campaign data, Maximus can estimate data in real time immediately and adjusts itself over time.

Every network is different when it comes to delays:

  • Taboola - Four hours for campaign level, site/image varies
  • Outbrain - Between two and four hours for some data
  • Gemini - Between two and four hours
  • Revcontent - Real time

When we audit these numbers throughout the day, Maximus will compare the spend between what we have and what the network is reporting for the campaign. Maximus will display the network spend if the network has a higher spend showing for a campaign, site, or image versus our real time estimates.

Outbrain Real Time Spends

Outbrain campaign and site level spend in Maximus for today's data does not use Maximus' estimated spends, but instead uses the real time spend data provided by Outbrain. This gives you the spend as Outbrain reports it on the network for more accurate spend values in real time.

Image level spend data still utilizes estimated spends from Maximus, so there may be a small discrepancy when comparing total image spend to the campaign's over all spend or total site spend for the current day.

In addition to spend in the Images report, all other reporting like the Image/Site/Presell report image level and presell level, By Hour Report​, By Landing Report​, ​By Landing Sites Report​, By Presell Report, By Landing Report, and By Platform still utilize estimated spend data for the current day.

Spend data for days before today's date use Outbrain's finalized spend data which will match what is reported on the network.

Reconciling Data with the Network

Maximus pulls the network numbers regularly throughout the day and then finally ends the day at 6 a.m. the following day. The system does, however, check with the network through the next day to make sure that data is finalized. We've seen some networks change many days after the initial click.

Once we pull and reconcile data from the network, the following data is updated to display the numbers that we retrieve from the network:

Campaign Level Spend

At a Glance Report spend and the Manage Campaigns spend is updated after reconciling with the network for the previous day(s).

Site/Widget Level Spend

The Sites Report, Site/Widgets Report, Gemini Sites Report, and Widget Report spend is updated for sites after reconciling with the network for the previous day(s).

Image Level Spend

The Images Report spend is updated for images after reconciling with the network for the previous day(s).

Gemini Report Spend

All of the Gemini Reports - Gemini Bid Modifier, Gemini By Age, Gemini By Gender, and Gemini By Location Reports use numbers directly from the network.

Maximus uses reconciliation to display the spend the network is reporting, so that you're using the best accurate real world spend you're actually paying for.


Sometimes the network does change data many days after and make adjustments, or there can be a temporary issue in retrieving data from the network. It is also possible that Maximus updates with a higher spend from the network which can cause a high average CPC and spend for the day.

In many cases these situations will resolve themselves, but we're always here to help answer questions and assist with anything! Just shoot us an email at to open a ticket or chat with us in the LiveChat in the bottom right corner of the screen.

What Uses Real Time Estimates?

Many of the reports in Maximus will continue to use real time estimates when displaying data for a campaign. For the current day, all reports and charts use real time estimates unless the spend is higher on the network and then it is updated to reflect this spend amount in Maximus.

The following reports use real time estimates:

Reports not Matching?

Since the reports listed above always use our real time estimates, if you compare them versus the campaign level spend, site level spend, or image level spend on reports which reconcile you may notice that they might not match completely.

Reports which use our real time estimates are much more granular than what the network reports, giving you deeper insights into performance from different perspectives. As networks don't have this type of data, we're unable to reconcile with them to provide their spends in these reports. Our real time estimates for these reports should be matching the totals on the network very closely, and the data in these reports can help you make decisions and optimize your campaign beyond what you can accomplish with the reporting the network provides.

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