Campaign Details FAQ

How can I update or edit the campaign CPC?

  • To edit the CPC, click on the value in the At a Glance section at the top of the Campaign Details page. For Gemini campaigns, the CPC is edited within the Gemini Settings drawer on the side menu. Click here to learn more about Gemini CPC.

How can I update or edit the campaign budget?

  • To edit the CPC, click on the budget in the At a Glance section at the top of the Campaign Details page.

How can I reassign this campaign to another user?

  • Click Reassign Campaign from the side menu to assign a campaign to a different user. Click here to learn more about reassigning campaigns.

Why is the Profit % at -100%? I have some revenue.

  • Profit % is calculated by Profit / Revenue. If your Profit / Revenue is larger than -100%, it is capped out to display at -100% in Maximus

Sites Report

Is Site CPC now or historical?

  • ​Site CPC is always the current CPC, no matter the date range of the report.

What does the x/500 or x/200 bids on the Sites Report tab indicate?

  • The number of unique site bids updated manually or optimized by Maximus for Outbrain and Taboola campaigns. Outbrain has a limit of 500 site bids per campaign, while Taboola has a limit of 200 per campaign. 

How can the number of site bids be reduced?

  • Click on the arrow next to the site name and select the button "Remove Site Bid" to remove a bid for a site.

Why were some site bids changed by Fire & Forget® and not others?

  • Fire & Forget will optimize the sites that have met the Site Sample Size. Sites that have not met the sample size will be not be adjusted and will operate at the campaign level CPC.

What does $section_name$ or NA mean on sites?

  • Sites that have its name displayed as $section_name$ or NA come from the network incorrectly due to tracking issues and cannot be edited.

Which networks is site blocking available for?

  • Site blocking is available for Outbrain and RevContent campaigns. Sites for Taboola campaigns can be blocked but only on the network. Click here for more information on Site Blocking.

Images Report

What does the XX Active Items notation mean on the Images tab?

  • This number indicates how many ads have a status of 'Active' on the network and can receive traffic.

What information is displayed within the Images report? How is this report different from the All Images report?

  • The Images Report displays the data for the images associated with the campaign. This report by default displays the images that has at least 1 click within the applied date filter. The All Images report displays all images that were added to the campaign.

Can the Ad Text for an ad be updated after submission?

  • Yes. To edit Ad Text, click on the Ad Text from the Images or All Images Report. and the edit Ad Text field will appear. Maximus does not support editing the Ad Text for Gemini Carousel Ads. Click here to learn more about editing Ad Text.
This feature is not available for Outbrain campaigns as Outbrain does not support editing text.

Why do some images not show as active?

  • Maximus will not count images that are pending towards the active image total.

What is the Creative ID?

  • The creative ID is an id assigned by Maximus that we use to track our images.

Why could impressions be at 0 on an active campaign?

  • Image reporting can take longer to finalize on the network compared to the campaign reporting. This could then lead to image impressions being at 0 for an active campaign. Once the reporting is finalized, the impressions would be updated.

What’s the clipboard next to Ad Text?

  • Maximus is integrated with IBM’s Watson API. These words and percentages indicate results from a sentiment analysis that picked out keywords from the image’s Ad Text.
    • Maximus works with IBM’s Watson Natural Language Understanding to analyze text results for sentiment/opinion and emotion.
    • Keyword: This is the word considered relevant and its relevance. The closer to 100% the more relevant the word.
    • Emotions: Maximus looks at 5 different emotions, sadness, joy, fear, disgust and anger. Higher numbers are more likely to convey that emotion.

Widgets Report

How is the Widget report different from the Sites/Widget report?

  • The Widget displays all of the data for the different widgets for a campaign. In the Sites/Widgets report, you have the ability to view Topic/Brands data as well as the widget reporting under a specific Topic/Brand. Click here for more information on the Widgets report.

Conversions Report

What is the Conversions Report?

  • The Conversion report displays the amount of conversions recorded for the campaign. Times are shown in EST.

What is a User Agent?

  • A user agent is sent by a user’s browser on any HTTP request. It contains the device, operating system, and browser version.  

How can I best use the Conversion Report?

  • Drag and drop the different columns, like Payout, to examine the data more easily in the Conversions Report. Click here to learn more about the Conversions Report.

I have some missing conversions. How can I get them into Maximus?

  • You can add missing conversions by following the instructions here. If you have multiple conversions that need to be added or corrected, reach out to our support team with the LiveChat widget in the bottom right.

Clicks Report

Why do I only see a small amount of clicks?

  • The Clicks Report displays the 25 most recent clicks, so you can watch the activity of where clicks are coming from at the moment you loaded the Clicks Report.

Some of my clicks don't have a click ID?

  • If clicks are coming in quickly, Maximus displays these in the Clicks Report as soon as possible. A click ID is still added for these clicks, and a refresh can show that the clicks are updated with click IDs.

By Hour Report

What is the Campaign Hourly Report? Are the values in the report finalized values?

  • The Campaign Hourly Reporting gives the ability to view the reporting for the campaign broken down on a per hour and per minute basis. This reporting is based on estimated spend data. A common use for the hourly report is to view the estimated spend and revenue data by hour for a specific date.

By Landing Report

What is the difference between the Landing Page Report and the Landing Page Sites Report?

  • The Landing Page Report displays the campaign level landing page data. The Landing Page Sites Report displays the landing page data based on the sites the clicks originated from.

Image/Site/Landing Report

Why doesn't the spend in the Image/Site/Landing report not match the spend in the Images report?

  • Data in the Images report is reconciled with the network with finalized spend where as Image/Site/LP report is not reconciled with the network. The data in the Image/Site/LP is based solely on estimated spend data. This data should be used as more of a reference than definite value of a single click.

Gemini Reporting

Is revenue available for the Gemini By Age, By Gender and By Location reports?

  • These Gemini reports displays the information we receive from Gemini, and Gemini updates us with this data periodically. The age/gender/location data is not passed to Maximus with traffic as it comes in, but is sent to us at a later time. Since we cannot assign the age/gender/location data to a specific click, we are unable to display revenue or other data along with the data currently shown in the reporting.

Campaign Log

What is the Campaign Log?

  • The Campaign Log displays changes made by both the user and via Fire & Forget optimizations. Click here to learn more about the Campaign Log.

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