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Manage Campaigns & Dashboard

The filters on the Manage Campaigns and Dashboard pages.

1. Date Filter

On clicking this filter, a list of options are available as well as a calendar which you can use to select days. The preset options are Today, Yesterday, 2 Days Ago, Last 7 Days, This Month, Last 30 Days, and All Time.

The calendar allows you to select any date range. You can move throughout dates with the arrows which allow you to move backward and forward one month, or by using dropdowns which allow you to select the month and year. To select a date range, click the start date and then the end date, you will see the dates reflected in the top left of this area.

2. Days Filter

Days Filtering allows you to check the different parts of the week you want to see data for.

You can select:

  • All Days, which shows every day of the week,
  • Week Days, which show Monday through Friday stats,
  • Weekend, which shows Saturday and Sunday Stats.

To learn more about the Days Filter, click here.

3. Network Filter

Network Filtering lets you select which Networks you want to display campaigns for. You can select All Networks which show all networks, or any individual network. You cannot view more than one network at the same time, unless you select All Networks.

4. User Filter

You can select this dropdown to view All Users or select and individual Sub User. To read more about adding a Sub User, click here.

5. Tracking Filter

With the Tracking Filter you can view all types of payouts, only CPC, or only CPA.

6. Campaign Status Filter

Select between Active Campaigns, Active and Inactive Campaigns, or Archived Campaigns.

  • All Campaigns: View active, inactive, and archived campaigns.
  • Active Campaigns: View active campaigns only.
  • Active and Inactive Campaigns: View both active and inactive campaigns.
  • Archived Campaigns: View archived campaigns. Campaigns can be archived by toggling the “Archive Status” button. A green toggle indicates the campaign has been archived.

Campaign Details

The Campaign Details sidebar has two available filters: the Date filter, and the Days filter. Both of these work in the same way as the Dashboard & Manage Campaigns Days and Dates filters. See the Date Filter and Days Filter above.

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