Desired Click Pacing

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What is Desired Click Pacing?

Desired Click Pacing is a Fire & Forget® feature that allows you to drive traffic to your campaigns. With Desired Click Pacing enabled, you can rely on Maximus to drive automatic bidding to earn the volume you're expecting for your campaign.

How Does Desired Click Pacing work?

Maximus monitors the traffic a campaign is receiving and weighs it against the desired amount of traffic. If a campaign is not getting enough traffic, the campaign CPC will be increased in incremental stages.

Desired Click Pacing gives media buyers the ability to find the lowest CPC that will get the most traffic. Every time Fire and Forget runs it will look back over the last amount of minutes a media buyer set and it will increase CPC by 10% until the campaign is receiving enough traffic or the campaign reaches its Fire and Forget Highest Bid. Click here to learn more about Highest Bid. If the campaign CPC is currently below Lowest Bid, it will be set to Lowest Bid when Desired Click Pacing runs.

Fire & Forget uses look back days to determine how far back you will look for the Sample Size. Click here to read more about the Look Back Days.

Revcontent campaigns cannot use Desired Click Pacing as campaign CPC level changes do not affect bids. If you need to update all widget bids, you can try using a Day Parting CPC window.

How To

Set Desired Click Pacing

Set the Desired Click Pacing by setting how many clicks you need to see in x number of minutes for the campaign.


Example #1

Campaign CPC: $0.50

Desired Click Pacing: 10 clicks in 5 minutes

Clicks in the last five minutes: 8

Maximus would increase the CPC to $0.55

Example #2

Campaign CPC: $0.50

Desired Click Pacing: 10 clicks in 5 minutes

Clicks in the last five minutes: 25

Maximus would do nothing because the campaign is getting enough traffic to satisfy the Desired Click Pacing.

Common Uses

Desired Click Pacing will optimize your campaigns to generate traffic by increasing the bid CPC within your set parameters if Highest Bid is used. By increasing the campaign CPC the campaign will appear to more people and increase the likelihood of impressions and clicks. With more data coming in about ad performance you can then determine the best combination of image and text along with how the campaign is performing overall.

Take note of how much traffic you're driving, and what it may be costing you. Use Desired Click Pacing in conjunction with Day Parting, so that your site can start bidding at a specific amount when it exits Day Parting and drive traffic from there.

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