White Label Domains

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What are White Label Domains?

White Label Domains are custom domains you can use for tracking with Maximus. If you would like to use a custom domain, we can generate one for you or you are able to use your own domain.

White Label Domains are available for Pro Plan Users.

What do White Label Domains Do?

Maximus uses the rpptrk.com domain for tracking, which means you will be using a pixel or postback with this domain wherever your tracking is set up. Click here to learn more about setting up a pixel or postback.

If you prefer using a custom domain so you are not sharing the same tracking domain as other Maximus clients, you can use a White Label Domain to do so.

White Label Domains are required if you are unable to place a postback or pixel that uses the Maximus Click ID. This may be due to restrictions in passing the click ID through the funnel to where the pixel or postback will fire.

How do I use a White Label Domain?

To request using a White Label Domain, please send a ticket via email to support@maximusx.com and let us know whether you want a new domain created, or that you would like to use an existing domain you already have.

New Domain

If you have requested a new domain to be created, our support team will complete the process and inform you when your White Label Domain is ready for use. At this point all tracking pixels and postbacks will need to be updated to use the new domain.

Your Own Domain

If you have requested to use your own domain, please include it in the ticket sent via email to support@maximusx.com. We will provide the DNS settings that need to be added and also provide an SSL certificate for this new domain. During this process you will need to verify the domain via email to complete the setup.

White Label Domain Setup

Once the White Label Domain setup has been completed, all tracking needs to be changed to use the new White Label Domain. Our support team will be able to assist you with any questions in replacing the domains in your pixels and postbacks. As a reference, your pixel would be changed from looking like this:

<iframe src="https://rpptrk.com/p/?cid=#s5#&payout=#price#" height="1" width="1"></iframe>

To now using the new customdomain.com like so:

<iframe src="https://customdomain.com/p/?cid=#s5#&payout=#price#" height="1" width="1"></iframe>

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